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Half hexagon or hexagon quilt was on my agenda for a while now and now it came to pass. At least the first type of the blocks I want to make for my next project. The craziest ones. I didn’t want to work with gazillions of small pieces so I used my scraps to make large half hexagons. They look so much more fun put together. Haven’t decided on the layout yet but its going to be interesting for sure. It is a mix of new and recycled fabrics and it actually made a bit of dent in my scrap box. I had small ruler for half hexagons but made my own template for large one. Work will continue on 4 more types before I can complete this one.

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Some time ago I decided to cut some of my bigger scraps to layer cake size. It would allow me to quickly put together either design or a quick pieced backing. Unfortunately, due to user error (me) they all were cut to 10 x 9.75 inch. Don’t ask how… Anyway, after looking at the stack for a while I decided instead squaring them up (again) it’s better to come up with design which will be doable with my wonky layer cakes. And so, I present you my wonky half square triangles with a shadow. My scraps came from a mix of button up shirts, bedding, sheets and other cotton clothes. This makes really nice beginner design with many layout options.

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I have been creating gifts for teachers and I thought I can try something new - adding hidden pocket with zipper. I used for this project only orphan blocks made from scraps and shirt fabrics which is a bonus and upcycled some bedding fabric for the lining. For the handles I used button holes strips from shirts as well. Overall bags are now kind of double sided - depend on what you wear you can put matching side to show off.

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