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Pola Quilting Welcomes You

Welcome to Pola Quilting, founded by the creative force, Malgorzata Banjo!

I am on a mission to inspire creativity and sustainability. As the brains behind the Pola Quilting YouTube channel, I provide stress-free tutorials for turning discarded fabrics into stunning quilts.

Explore easy-to-follow, eco-friendly quilt patterns designed to make the most of fabric scraps. 

Pop in to my shop to grab a pattern or ready to use items made from fabric scraps.

In the genesis of my journey, there existed a cherished sanctuary known as the "Sewing Shed," where the seeds of a noble vision were sown – a vision to impart the art of transforming discarded fabrics into exquisite creations. Thus, the inception of the Pola Quilting YouTube channel materialized, offering accessible tutorials devoid of constraints and anxiety.

Now poised to proliferate the ethos of upcycling, I endeavor to distribute meticulously crafted pieces imbued with affection. Sustainability lies at the core of my endeavors, permeating every aspect from material selection to packaging.

The Southampton Scrapstore stands as my primary wellspring, offering a trove of distinct fabrics and supplies, affording each item for sale its unique character or limited series status. Complementing this reserve are the captivating discoveries unearthed in second-hand emporiums.

I am steadfast in my commitment to fortify the community, directing contributions of both goods and funds to various local causes:

  • Street Angels Southampton: Providing aid to the homeless populace throughout the town, further information accessible via their Facebook page. 

  • Southampton City Farm: A beacon of joy for individuals spanning diverse localities, detailed insights available on their official website. 

  • Linus Project UK: Dispensing "quilted hugs" to children in hospitals and other necessitous areas, underscoring the charitable mission of Project Linus UK. 

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