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Let me introduce you to Anna, my very talented friend who can offer workshops and talks to sewing groups in Hampshire area

Information about me –

My name is Anna Powell. I have spent almost my entire life sewing in one style or another, taught by my Mum and Grandma originally. I remember my first experience of anything crafty - knitting a 6" square with very itchy pale yellow wool..

Whilst at school and studying to be a teacher, I continued to be creative with needlework mostly making my own clothes and cross stitch. Once working I began to attend classes to learn a wider variety of needlecrafts including embroidery, stampwork, hardanger, goldwork, beadwork, to name a few.

My first experience of patchwork and quilting go back to my early childhood, when my grandma had me making hexagons! In my teens I saw a picture of a quilt which I decided to make for my baby brother! I asked Mum for a selection of fabrics and got going.. I had never done any applique, let alone needle turn applique, but there I was making a quilt for my baby brother. I had no idea about wadding, quilting or anything, but it turned out okay. I continued to create small patchwork pieces, but did not attempt to make a large quilt until we moved to America for a few years with my husband’s work. Here I discovered the delights of quilting American style with a sewing machine. Once I had completed my first few quilts, I began to experiment with embellishing using techniques I had learnt previously mostly by hand. From this moment on I have not looked back. I love making quilts, teaching patchwork, quilting and other needle crafts.

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Available workshops

Hearts desire 2.jpg
  • Heart’s Desire – stitch and flip technique

  • Upcycled pictures and wall hangings – using upcycled old fabrics, doilies, tray mats, table cloths and embellishments

  • Disappearing 9-patch

  • Hand quilting – beginners course in designing and stitching a cushion cover

  • Doges Palace – range of sizes of pattern available

  • Beginners and beyond courses

  • Christmas wall hanging

  • Bunting

Talk Themes

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  • My history as a textile artist

  • Focus on design and technique

  • Range of short workshops

Current bookings

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  • TBC

Request for workshops and talks - please submit via email below and include:

  • name

  • contact information (phone number)

  • what you are asking for e.g. teach a workshop, give a talk


Please send enquiry to:

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