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10 Creative and Festive DIY Projects to Make Before Christmas Day

There was something I wanted to make to decorate house during Christmas. It was on to do list since summer but I got till December and never even started. It happened 3 years in a row. Finally, one year, I decided September is great time to start the project to make sure it will be finished on time.

So, if like me, you have been procrastinating for a while, this is a last call to start working on whatever Christmas Project you have in mind.

If you want to make something for yourself or as a gift, I have put below list of 10 items you can try this year:

1. This was that project that took me 3 years to realise: my own quilted Christmas Three skirt. Very scrappy Christmas Tree block 1 and Christmas Tree block 2 will take care of your leftover fabrics. And here is tutorial how to put them together. Handy Free layout is available in the shop area.

2. How about a placemat or a table runner but with the attitude? Using any festive fabrics (either big or small) and home-made template for large tumbler, you can create this irregular shape. It will definitely draw an eye to it! Tutorial available here.

3. There is always something they may require a pouch. Either cosmetic, play cards, spare parts, small toys, first aid kit – possibility are endless. Endless are the possibilities with this Easy Pouch as you can customise the size to fit the content.

4. This is a second option for making Zippered Pouch.

5. And if you prefer Boxed pouch have a look at this tutorial.

6. Who doesn’t love a very Simple but practical tote bag. You can make it in any colour combination and customise the size according to the requirement.

7. If you like to take it to next level, check this tutorial for Tote bag with zippered pocket.

8. I think this one is my favourite: Custom quilted cover for a book, notebook, anything that need a cover. Customise colours and size as needed. A piece of art that will go with you (or your friend) anywhere.

9. Patchwork scarf made with scraps of fabric and soft fleece can be given as a gift to anyone. A fashion statement made with love.

10. And if you have some rope or batting scraps, how about trying Scrappy bowl, place mat or coaster with this tutorial.

Just in case, I have some of the items ready and available at my store. So if you are local (UK) you may consider supporting my business and buy something. All items are made from scraps and with lots of care to details.

Happy Christmas Sewing everyone.

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