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Fat Quarter Blocks #1 Mirrored Suns

🧵✂️ Diving into a new adventure in quilting! 💫 For years, I've been accustomed to working with scraps, smaller pieces, and the like. But this time, I decided to shake things up and explore the world of fat quarters. And let me tell you, it's been an absolute delight! 😊

With the larger size of fat quarters, I've been able to unleash my creativity in ways I never thought possible. The freedom to play with bigger pieces has allowed me to experiment with improvisational blocks, resulting in a pattern that's as unique as it is beautiful. ✨

And the best part? Even with mixture of curves and simple straight cuts, it is accessible to quilters of all skill levels. 🌟

So, to all my fellow sewing enthusiasts out there, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and give fat quarters a try. You might just discover a whole new world of possibilities waiting to be explored. Happy stitching, everyone!

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