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Magic numbers patterns #22 Wonky Windmills Bonanza

Updated: Mar 3

Ever wondered what happens when you mix wonky windmills of different sizes with a sprinkle of magic numbers? You get the mesmerizing Happy Windmill Bonanza block! 🌬️✨

This delightful block utilizes 2.5-inch strips and ingeniously repurposes scraps from the same project, making it a zero-waste endeavour. ♻️

With an unfinished size of 18.5 inches, this versatile layout is perfect for creating cushion covers, tote bags, or eye-catching table toppers. But why stop there? Mix up a few more blocks and craft a cheerful baby quilt or tackle any larger project on your to-do list.

Oh, and did I mention it's all made from scraps? ♻️✂️

Join me in exploring the magic of the Happy Windmill Bonanza block in our latest tutorial!

Free handout available in Shop area.

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