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Quilting projects #27 Easy and quick almost boxed zippered pouches

There is nothing better then making a Christmas project and at the same time using up all things around the sewing room that were there for a while.

There is an organisation close to my heart I support all year round. They are providing necessities to homeless people. Every year as a group we also preparing Christmas back packs. For few years now I was organising toiletry packs to be included. This year I have taken it to next level by making for each backpack a quilted toiletry pouch.

In this project I have used up a large pile of batting scraps, an old fleece blanket, a box of fabrics I didn’t want to use in my quilts, and large number of orphan blocs and WIPs I decided I don’t want to make into quilt. Since I had planned to make 30 of these pouches, I simplified the process to the maximum so it is doable within a timeframe I have to complete it. I actually decided to make few more for a gift to few friends too since the process is that easy. I hope you give a try! Happy sewing.

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