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Magic numbers patterns #22 Wonky Windmills Bonanza


Ever wondered what happens when you mix wonky windmills of different sizes with a sprinkle of magic numbers? You get the mesmerizing Happy Windmill Bonanza block! 🌬️✨

This delightful block utilizes 2.5-inch strips and ingeniously repurposes scraps from the same project, making it a zero-waste endeavour. ♻️

With an unfinished size of 18.5 inches, this versatile layout is perfect for creating cushion covers, tote bags, or eye-catching table toppers. But why stop there? Mix up a few more blocks and craft a cheerful baby quilt or tackle any larger project on your to-do list.


This is a handout accompanying the youtube tutorial.


Please note: this is downland document only, no physical document will be sent.


This pattern remains the property of Malgorzata Banjo, Pola Quilting.

Acknowledgement should be given to the pattern designer if images are shared.

Please contact Pola Quilting for permission to use this pattern for group/teaching session.

If you notice any errors in this pattern, kindly contact author.


Pattern is free but if you would like to gratify author, you can use “Super Thanks” facility on YouTube or donating money via website by buying virtual tea, coffee or lunch.


Magic numbers patterns #22 Wonky Windmills Bonanza - handout

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