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Some time ago I went to a second-hand shop. And there at the entrance, were two big pieces of fabrics stacked next to each other - one bedding set and one curtain set. They seemed like match made in heaven, especially that curtain fabric was actually just nice quality sewing fabric and not heavy cotton. In my imagination I saw two tone blocks, something big and quick, and that it will not take away the eye from the lovely pattern on the fabrics but allow for these to blend together. Churn dash block is one of the staples, very traditional but also one you can expand design on and make it yours. You can obviously make blocks from any two fabrics from your stash and each block can have different set. There is no limit in this design. 


This is a pdf layout of the block with instructions how to cut the fabric. This design is suitable for beginner or advance quilter alike. Please note you should refer to YouTube tutorial listed below for more information on the block.


This pattern remains the property of Malgorzata Banjo, Pola Quilting.

Acknowledgement should be given to the pattern designer if images are shared.

Please contact Pola Quilting for permission to use this pattern for group/teaching session.

If you notice any errors in this pattern, kindly contact author.


Pattern is free but if you would like to gratify author, you can use “Super Thanks” facility on YouTube or donating money via website by buying virtual tea, coffee or lunch.


Pola Quilting - Go Big with Churn Dash block

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