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Magic numbers patterns #19 Square evolution

Updated: Mar 13

Unlock the world of captivating quilting with my latest video! 🧵✨ In this tutorial, witness the magic as I effortlessly incorporate half-square triangles using a convenient 4-at-a-time method, all crafted from the charm of my scrap-filled magic number trays. Perfect for all skill levels, this project is a breeze to assemble. 🌈 Dive into the joy of quick and easy quilting, where every scrap finds its place in crafting this large 18.5-inch block. Feel free to mix and match elements to create your unique masterpiece or use individual modules for smaller projects. The possibilities are endless! ✂️ So, grab your fabrics and join me on this sewing adventure. Don't forget to stick around till the end for a show and tell of the layouts. Happy sewing, everyone!

Please see below links to some tools and materials used. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases but without any additional cost to you:

My Favourite tools and equipment in sewing room UK links:

My Favourite tools and equipment in sewing room US links:

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