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Magic numbers patterns #21 Linking bridges

Updated: Mar 3

Discover the magic of creating with just 4.5-inch squares! ✨ In this tutorial, we'll be using pre-cut trays to craft a quick and delightful block. With this technique, you can easily whip up a quilt top in just one day! The versatility of this block is unmatched – it pairs beautifully with existing works in progress or can be enhanced with solid colours. Feeling adventurous? Try incorporating the simple square-in-a-square method to switch up the design. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned quilter, this block offers endless possibilities. Get ready to unleash your creativity! Happy sewing, everyone! 🌟🧵

Please see below links to some tools and materials used. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases but without any additional cost to you:

My Favourite tools and equipment in sewing room UK links:

My Favourite tools and equipment in sewing room US links:

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