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Magic numbers patterns #5 Weaving with stars - free pattern and YouTube tutorial

I have started with one block (easy improv fun) and I finished with full new pattern and quilt for Linus project. But this is what happens when you have some creative juices going 😉. Design is based on magic numbers principle and it makes nice, large, square quilt. I worked with my stash only which means I had to be creative at the time and pieced few scraps to make full blocks from the same fabric. Each part of the design can be easily replaced with scrappier version either crumb or string block. This is fun and easy project for either someone starting or already experienced quilter looking for a quick quilt pattern. Happy sewing!

Pattern is free (see shop on the website), but if you would like to support my work, you can buy me virtual tea, coffee or a lunch. All links available in the shop.

Please see below links to some tools and materials used during this project. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases but without any additional cost to you:

My Favourite tools and equipment in sewing room UK links:

My Favourite tools and equipment in sewing room US links:

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