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Scrap buster #59 No waste sewing - how to use up snowball scraps - adding tape idea

I have made quite a few projects where I used 2.5-inch squares to snowball something. I have been collecting the cut off triangles to make something, but making small half square triangles feels like a lot of work and even more when you need to square it off… So instead, how about using adding tape (or interfacing or thin fabric) to put them all on, trim to nice 2.5 strips and use as borders, sashing or anywhere where you would use 2.5 trips? Sewing these was much quicker and fun, and such a satisfying effect. If you have lots of these cuts and don’t want to bin them, give a go with this idea. Happy sewing!

Still working with the same blade I have showed you in last update/review.

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