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Scrap buster #64 Midnight Fireworks quilt pattern - strings and crumbs

After finishing my last two designs using string scraps and lots of black fabric as a background, I had as you can imagine lots of scraps. Nothing disappears in my sewing room, just change the location and purpose. So, from what has left I put together this design. Called with a help from friends Midnight Fireworks. I use cuts from string blocks and crumbs made from different shades of black here but you could replace elements with adding tape strips and use yardage. Crumbs will take time but I love multiple layers of seams in the crumbs made from the same solid fabric. Its just another level of happiness for me. Happy sewing!

After few months, I now changed the blade to new. One blade every 5 months is a bargain. Check my YouTube review.

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Please see below links to some tools and materials used during this project. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases but without any additional cost to you:

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